About Incondia

Incondia AB is a Nordic company, actively working with organisations developing their employees and leaders, in addition to recruitment, since 1997

Based on our research and vast practical experience, we offer a unique skills base within the field of human and organisational development, both in the public and private sectors. Our core words INsight, CONflict, and DIAlogue (= INCONDIA) represent the foundation of our work. We see that individuals grow the most when they gain an understanding of themselves and others, when they learn how to handle and solve conflicts, and when they master honest and constructive communication. 

Incondia’s goal is to find the connection between personal characteristics and successful leadership – whether you are leading yourself or others. Currently, our unique database comprises some 20,000 individuals, mainly from the Nordic countries. This data is used in our research where we compare representative groups of managers and employees with national norm populations. Using tailor-made concepts, we help organisations to match leadership requirements with the characteristics and competencies of individual employees.

Our ambition is to be the obvious choice when our customers want to hone their strategy to attract and retain the very best employees and leaders. By identifying and measuring strengths and development needs of an individual, group or organisation, we focus on those aspects where there is the greatest potential for long-term development. As a result, individual progress can be directly linked to the growth and profitability of the organisation.