Incondia’s analytical tools

With focus on strenghts and development potential

Incondia’s analytical tools provide an understanding of different events, conflicts and other social interplay within an organisation. The analyses clarify the individual’s behaviour patterns, leadership preferences and values. Together these provide insights that highlight a person’s strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities for personal development. We use this knowledge in all our work to develop people and organisations. All Incondia’s analyses are dialogue-based, and individuals always receive oral feedback from a certified Incondia consultant at the end of the process. 

All our analytical tools are designed in-house, in accordance with established methods, and are continuously updated. We have undertaken research within the fields of successful leadership, project management, benchmarking and team development. Incondia’s Progress Analysis approach has been certified as the best Nordic tool for organisational development by The Swedish Psychological Association. In their overall assessment, based on 13 parameters, Progress Analysis is ranked as the most sophisticated and well-documented test on the market. Read more!

All of Incondia’s analyses have several areas of application, and the analyses are often combined in order to provide a more comprehensive assessment. 

Our analyses are available in several languages: Swedish, English, Danish and Finnish.

The possible applications include:

  • Identification of talents, strengths and development areas
  • Identification and measurement of management and innovation skills
  • Personal development
  • Group development (Winning Teams)
  • Leadership development
  • Business development
  • Recruitment
  • Surveys of employee and customer satisfaction.

Our most used analyses are

Progress Analysis: a classic personality test that paints a full picture of the individual’s personality, personal skills and qualities. It is certified by The Swedish Psychological Association

Focus Analysis: a measure of how the individual uses his or her personal skills and qualities as an employee or leader. It is based on theories of different roles and styles of leadership. 

Value Analysis: a tool used to encourage introspection and personal development. It provides an image of the individual’s values, which form a point of orientation for measuring what is most important and meaningful in life and at work. In this way, the basis of what creates drive and motivation is identified.

Innovation Analysis: a tailor-made analysis used to identify an individual’s ability to innovate. The analysis is based on a model reflecting the whole innovation process, from conception of ideas to the integration, implementation and, lastly, analysis and follow-up of the results.

More information

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