Leadership Categories

Incondia's five leadership categories

Incondia divide leadership into different categories and define those in terms of the scope of the actual leader responsibility: self-leadership, leading others or leading other leaders. It is important that personal qualities and values are considered in relation to the type of leadership to be exercised.

Our leadership philosophy is reflected in five different leader categories:

The specialist leader creates value by broadening and deepening existing knowledge. This leader is responsible for a department or a specific field or function.

The operational leader creates value by increasing productivity in a well-defined field. This leader is responsible for a unit with several departments, either as a line manager or a project manager.

The relationship manager creates value by developing trust in the philosophy and soft values of the organisation in order to increase motivation and satisfaction among the employees and customers. This leader is generally responsible for HR functions and service-related contacts with other colleagues, departments and customers.

The strategic leader creates value by adapting and developing the business in line with the prospects, expectations and demands of the market in order to enhance the final outcome. This leader is responsible for a business area or the whole organisation. 

The business leader is a perfect blend of all the leader types mentioned above. The strength derives from a profound maturity that the person has achieved after having progressed through several phases of development. Only a small number of leaders want, and have the potential, to reach this position.