Leadership Competence Chart

Leadership determines business success

Thanks to a close cooperation with our customers and many years of documented research, we have been able to establish the link between the quality of leaders within an organisation and the degree of business success. Hence, we argue that the leadership determines how successful a business is. 

How, then, do we identify which leaders are successful and how can such success be measured?

Our basic research clearly shows that successful leadership is based on the individual’s ability to combine an independent and self-motivated “I” with solid social skills. A strong personal desire to be a leader is also required. 

Our goal is to find and develop the most suitable candidates with key managerial skills in the most efficient way, and to place them in relevant positions within the organisation. Using Incondia’s Leadership Competence Chart, we provide an objective assessment of the individual’s leadership skills. We have chosen to illustrate these skills in the form of a house, where each floor represents a particular aspect of the person. By combining our analyses with an IT system that takes into account a vast number of parameters, we have been able to present this in a simple visual format. Using our comprehensive database and up-to-date research techniques, we have also developed a so-called leader median, whereby successful leaders form a reference point against which all leaders can be benchmarked.

The Leadership Competence Chart consists of two analyses (Progress Analysis and Focus Analysis) that present a holistic view of the individual’s ability to identify and prioritise tasks that add value within the field of leadership. The colour distribution on each floor of the house shows qualities, strengths, development areas and potential, respectively. The median value of these four aspects indicates the level and type of leadership that the individual has reached or is likely to reach. This value can be compared with our own leadership median which, as mentioned, is based on an analysis of a large number of successful leaders. 

We are confident that we can predict whether
a person will succeed as a leader or not